Cleartec Water Management Press release 01/2014

Capacity and utilization within biological waste water treatment

Waste water treatment plants are long-term investments. However, during the long-lasting operation decisive factors like waste water quantity or consistence is often changing. The changed conditions often require constructional expansions in order to keep a long-term and efficient operation.

Technical basis: IFAS-Process

In conventional WWTP´s the sedimentation volume in secondary clarification is the limiting factor of the content of biomass in aeration tanks. The so-called IFAS process (Integrated Fixed Film Activated Sludge) combines suspended with sessile biomass by installing a synthetic media as growth surface for additional biomass in aeration tank. This combination enables a much higher concentration of biomass and, therefore, a higher sludge age compared to conventional operation. IFAS allows a performance increase of biology up to 100% and more without constructional measurement for volume enlargement of aeration tanks and secondary clarification.

Cleartec Technology by Jäger Umwelt-Technik GmbH
Cleartec Technology by Jäger Umwelt-Technik GmbH

Cleartec Technology

Using synthetic growth media, we can keep more biomass in the existingsystems. Large specific surface and high surface roughness provides ideal conditions for microorganisms’ growth. By the combination of textile flexibility with liftable cages with integrated aeration systems, Cleartec® Biotextil combines the best features of currently used systems. There is no need for additional stirring units to mix the media. A concentration of oxygen of 1.8 mgO2/l* in aeration tanks has proven to be sufficient. The capacity of existing plants meeting the conditions for the use of IFAS process can be increased without building extensions and additional energy requirements.