JetFlex® SD strip diffuser (SD-Series)

JetFlex® SD strip diffuser (SD-Series)
JetFlex® SD strip diffuser (SD-Series)

HTML The diffuser series SD completes Jäger’s line of diffusers and continues our success story. The high-tensile micro-perforated polyurethane membrane offers maximum lifetime. The fixing devices are designed with regards to reliable operation, long lifetime as well as easy installation and handling.

JetFlex SD diffusers offer numerous other advantages:

  • Combining the standard lengths of 1.5 m, 2 m, 3 m or 4 m up to 8 m in steps of 500 mm are technically feasible
  • Total length of 8 m is connected to only one air supply line at a high sufficient air range
  • The specifically developed non-return valve protects the diffuser from water and mud and simultaneously enables considerate relief of the membrane
  • Easy installation on the tank floor by an innovative fixing plate
  • An integrated tube socket enables simple connection via common joint couplings
  • Diffuser height is adjustable to balance uneveness of the tank floor

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