Dr-Ing Andreas Jäger receives business award

Dr.-Ing. Andreas Jäger won the ‘Family business entrepreneur’s award Hanover 2018’. The associations ‘DIE FAMILIENUNTERNEHMER’ and ‘DIE JUNGEN UNTERNEHMER’ of the Hanover region honored the President of the Arnold Jaeger Holding GmbH for his outstanding, entrepreneurial performance. Dr Jäger has been running the company in third generation together with his brothers Sebastian and Marius-Quintus. The Jäger Group, headquartered in Hanover, has been supplying for more than 75 years, high-quality components and subsystems of rubber, plastic and metal and is recognized as a qualified, global partner in mechanical engineering, environmental and agricultural technology and petroleum exploration. Today, over 800 employees are working at more than 20 locations in Europe, the United States and China for a yearly turnover of approx. 200 Mio EUR.


Pictures by: Photo Studio Michel Eram (http://www.unternehmer-des-jahres.org/)

Videos by: filmklar - Medienagentur (https://filmklar.de/)