Upgrading of Pond Treatment plants

Cleartec Pond Modul
Cleartec Pond Modul

Suspended growth lagoons are a low cost wastewater treatment technology which has a treatment efficiency  limited by biomass concentration, aeration and mixing conditions.


Jäger Umwelt-Technik delivers a practical and cost effective solution for these problems: Cleartec Pond Module


The technology provides additional fixed biomass and diffused air to ponds and increases their biological treatment capacity by improving BOD removal and nitrification.


The system consists of stainless steel frames fulfilled with BioCurlz and ultra fine bubbles diffusers integrated at the bottom. The modules are kept hanged inside the pond with the assistance of floating tubes. This design provides more stability to the system, thus the cages are not flat on the very irregular pond floor, which also helps to prevent damages on the lagoon lining.


The Cleartec pond module has a compact foldable structure, easy to transport and ready to be installed on site. 



Installation Drawing & Dimensions 




Fixed bed media  Cassettes per m Cassettes per module Diffuser type Diffusers/module
 BioCurlz 25 pcs    150 pcs SD 180/2000  3



Performance per module* 

Load** [kg/d] Concentration [ppm]
COD [kg/d]   12-27 660
BOD [kg/d]  6-13 330 
SS [kg/d] 7-15 390
TKN [kg/d] <2
P [kg/d] <0,4 10
Water depth [m] 3,0
SOR/module [kgO2/h] 3-6
 LAir flow/module with 3xSD180/2000 [m3/h] 45-100 
Air flow/module with 8xTD65-1000 [m3/h]  45-96
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valid for municipal wastewater with composition and temperature according to DWA A 131  

** Data vary depending on treatment target (C-Elimination, Nitrification or N-Elimination)