British environmental managers adopt the Cleartec®-IFAS system

Cleartec®-IFAS system
Cleartec®-IFAS system

Music and culinary highlights rounded off the event.Jäger’s environmental technology know-how in the field of sewage treatment using synthetic textiles has impressed in Great Britain, too. In 2014 the go-ahead was given in the Edmonton area of the London Borough of Enfield. In collaboration with the equipment supplier Hydrok, the plant at Deephams Sewage Treatment Works was equipped with the Cleartec®-IFAS system.

Music and culinary highlights rounded off the event.The expensive renovation project was made necessary by a growing population and the increased quality standards of modern sewage management. It will now be possible to cover a future population equivalent of around 1,000,000. The complex modification provides for the refurbishment and extension of the existing clarification tanks in several stages.

Music and culinary highlights rounded off the event.In the first stage, which was completed in November 2016, Cleartec® biotextiles were incorporated into two of the three existing streams. The third stream was taken out of operation, renovated and deepened. Using the Cleartec® modules, the plant is now in a position to treat all loads with only 2/3 of the previous tank volume.

This is possible due on the one hand to the covering of the textiles with biomass, and on the other through the improvement of the properties of the suspended biomass.  Cleartec® installations act positively on the sedimentation properties of the suspended biomass in the secondary clarification tank. The MLSS in the activated tank can thus be increased, without having to structurally expand secondary clarification tanks. In addition, the suspended activated sludge concentration is continually supplied with nitrified bacteria so that, compared to the conventional process, there is here an increase in performance.

After that, the ‘new’ third stream went into operation in January 2017. Another tank was emptied, renovated and deepened along the same lines. Two Cleartec® modules each were stacked, and stood in both rebuilt streams.

On completion of all works only two tanks, with a total volume of 32,000 cubic metres, instead of three start operating at Deephams as, thanks to the ‘textile upgrade’ by Cleartec®, significant increases in capacity became possible.

The third tank can be dispensed with, which means savings in renovation and energy. In the distant future, the sewage treatment plant also still has the option of recommissioning the third tank in the event of an increasing population. Deephams can thus face the future with confidence.