Cleartec® BioCurlz

Cleartec® BioCurlz

BioCurlz Cleartec® BioCurlz is used as a completely submerged fixed bed in the biological stage of a wastewater Treatment Plant. The 3-dimensional lace structure provides growth surface for the active micro- organisms without flow restrictions. By using fine bubble aeration for supplying oxygen to the microorganisms a vertical flow be obtained.

The thickness of biofilm will be regulated by the velocity of the airstream by removing the old microorganism and forms a new active biofilm surfaces. The amount of active microorganisms is comparing with the 47 g suspended biomass per m BioCurlz under optimum operating conditions.

The activity of microorganisms depends on the sludge age and differs according to operating conditions of the WWTP. The basis for the installation of Cleartec® BioCurlz is the discharge of domestic water or compared to that at temperatures in the range of +5°C to +36°C (+41°F to + 97°F). The discharge of industrial waste water has been separately regulated. This also applies to other installations and fields of applications.


69% Polyvinylidenchlorid yarn

31% Polypropylen yarn

Length: customized, max. 3,5 m

approx.11 g/m

(plus holding bar)

Textile: lace
Fixing rail: PP melted, strengthened with stainless steel
Format:: 6 laces per unit
Field of application:

biological Stage of WWTP



special applications

Features Sludge characteristics: SSVI = approx. 80-100 ml/g
Capacity increase: more than 50% due to additional Biomass (no expansion necessary)