Full service aeration system engineering

Strip diffuser
Strip diffuser

Jäger not only provides diffusers. We design complex aeration systems with outstanding characteristics.

Jaeger designs complex aeration solutions and -with our worldwide partner- we can provide systems including blowers, header, onsite assembly completed with supervision and training.

Our high-quality products are 30% more energy efficient, user friendly, retrievable and easy to maintain. Specific diffusor membrane qualities made of low plasticizer EPDM, Silicone, Polyurethan and Fluor Elastomer are available for municipal and industrial waste water. All compounds are checked regularly in our own test labs in our plants in Germany, China and the United States.

Permanent research and development together with “performance checks” of used diffusers leads to innovative new products such as Polyurethan-Strip diffuser up to 6m length and “endless” EPDM-Tube diffuser up to 50 m length.