Textile fixed-bed technology

Textile fixed-bed
Textile fixed-bed

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The sedimentation volume of your biology runs out of capacity? Using Cleartec textile fixed bed technology will help to keep more biomass in the existing systems without additional constructional measures.

With retrospective effect January 1st 2012 Arnold Jäger Holding GmbH has acquired all assets of Cleartec Water Management GmbH. Cleartec provides a unique IFAS process (Integrated Fixed Film Activated Sludge). This process provides performance and capacity increase up to 100% without constructional measures and low energy consumption due to the combination of suspended with additional sessile biomass.

Large surfaces and high surface roughness provides ideal conditions for microorganisms’ growth. By the combination of textile flexibility with liftable cages with integrated aeration systems, Cleartec combines the best features of currently used systems. There is no need for additional blowers or stirring units to mix the media.

So 40 years of Jäger´s membrane expertise is perfectly complemented by 15 years of Cleartec´s textile fixed bed technology.